Attention should be paid to the use of automatic sand molding machine and pouring machine


The use of automatic sand molding machine and pouring machine is a complex process, which requires strict compliance with operating procedures and matters needing attention. The following are general instructions and considerations: Instructions for the use of automatic sand molding machine:

1. read and understand the manual carefully: before using the automatic sand molding machine, be sure to read the manual carefully and ensure that all operational steps and safety requirements are understood.

2. check the integrity of the equipment: before each use, please check whether the parts of the equipment are intact and ensure that all safety devices are running normally.

3. preparation of sand: properly configure and prepare the required sand according to the process requirements, and add it to the hopper of automatic sand molding machine.

4. adjust equipment parameters: adjust all parameters of automatic sand molding machine, such as vibration frequency and sand pressure strength, according to product requirements and process flow, so as to ensure the quality and production efficiency of the model.

5. mold preparation: start the automatic sand machine molding machine and prepare the mold according the process requirements. This may include the closure of the template, the filling of sand, the extrusion, or vibration.

6.complete the mold preparation: once the mold preparation is completed, open the automatic sand molding machine and remove the prepared mold.

Instructions for the use of automatic pouring machine: 1. safe operation: before using the the automatic pouring machine, ensure that all relevant safety devices work properly and take appropriate personal protective measures.

2. preparation of alloy liquid: suitable alloy liquid is prepared according to casting requirements and placed in the alloy liquid box.

3. adjust equipment parameters: adjust the parameters of automatic pouring machine, such as pouring temperature, pressure and flow rate, according to the characteristics and process requirements of the alloy used.

4. mold preparation: place the prepared mold on the bench of the fully automatic pouring machine and ensure that the mold is firmly fixed.

5. pouring: start the automatic pouring machine and process according to the preset parameters. In the pouring process, pay attention to the flow of the alloy liquid to ensure that the pouring is uniform.

6. finish pouring: after pouring, close the full automatic pouring machine, and wait for the alloy liquid to completely solidify and cool, remove the casting.

The above instructions and matters needing attention are only general guidance. In practical operation, the operation shall be carried out in accordance with the manual and process requirements of specific equipment, and the safety provisions shall be strictly observed.

Post time: Dec-16-2023