Stable and Reliable

Stable and reliable equipment operation means stable production and high-quality castings can be delivered.

Produce Efficient

The molding performance of 120 molds per hour, one fully automatic molding machine tops five shock-compression molding machines, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

High Yield

Molding machines are fast and productive, with short die change times and less maintenance, and existing die can be reused to minimize cost per casting and shorten payback periods.

It adopts single- station or double- station four-column structure, and integrates control tech-nology such as machine, electricity, hydraulic, and gas to realize intelligent one-button opera-tion, which is convenient and simple to operate;

The continuous position detection device is used to realize the adjustable function of sand thickness parameters.

The pressure and speed can be adjusted in real time according to the requirements of different castings, and it has the characteristics of high forming hardness and short forming time.

Using special technology, the upper and lower molds work at the same time, and the sand is added at the same time, and the sand mold is uniform.

The human-machine touch interface is used to facilitate equipment operation and parameter setting; it has the function of fault monitoring and display, realizes fault identification and trouble-shooting method prompts, and is convenient and fast for maintenance.

The hydraulic system of automatic blowing and automatic injection and demoulding is adopted to reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

The guide post adopts centralized lubrica-tion to prolong the service life of the guide post and improve the modeling accuracy.

The electrical system adopts imported components, which are reliable in use, high in precision, less in failure and long in service life.

The operating position adopts advanced light curtain protection to ensure the safety of the operator's life.

9 Characteristics