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In daily life, there are still many pump castings, and there are certain requirements for the quality of castings. The pump will prime mover mechanical energy or other external energy to the liquid, so that the liquid energy increase, mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid lye, emulsion, suspension emulsion and liquid metal, etc. It can also transport liquids, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids. 

According to different working principles can be divided into displacement pump, vane pump and other types. Positive displacement pump is the use of its studio volume changes to transfer energy; Vane pump is the use of rotary vane and water interaction to transfer energy, there are centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump and other types. Photovoltaic pump system effectively saves water and electricity, reduces the input of traditional energy, and achieves zero carbon dioxide emissions.

The pump is most commonly driven by an electric motor. Pump energy saving method is to make the pump unit (pump, prime mover and some transformation) in the highest power operation, so that the external input of power consumption dropped to the lowest point. The energy saving of the pump makes the comprehensive skills, which touches the energy saving of the pump itself, the energy saving of the system and the application of the operation and other aspects.

The flow of the pump, that is, the amount of water produced, should not be selected too large generally, otherwise it will increase the cost of buying the pump. Should be selected on demand, such as the user family use of self-priming pump, flow should be selected as small as possible; If the user irrigation with the submersible pump, it can be appropriate to choose a larger flow.

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