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1. More concentrated firepower.

2, more full combustion, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other harmful gas concentration reduction.

3, strong windproof ability, good intuitive effect.

4, As the flame of the gas hood is exposed to the air, it is easy to form convection, resulting in a large amount of heat dissipation.

5, The fire gathering hood on the gas stove can reduce the friction between the gas stove and the pot, protect the bottom of the pot, especially now a lot of POTS and pans are non-stick POTS with coating, reduce the friction between the gas stove and the pot, you can extend the service life of the gas stove and the pot. In addition, it can keep a certain distance between the gas stove and the bottom of the pot. As we all know, the top of a fire is the hottest, which is called the flame. Put a wind ring on the gas stove, so that when cooking, the bottom of the pot is just located at the flame of the fire, so that the pot can receive the maximum heat. Reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time.


fire gathering hood

1. Save time

2. Solar terms

3. Wind protection

4. Efficient

Method of Installation

The installation of the fire saving cover is simple. Ordinary cookers only need to remove the original cooker support and put on the fire saving cover, without modifying the cooker. Widely used in liquefied gas, natural gas, pipeline gas, etc. Because the combustion is more full, the concentration of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and other harmful gases is greatly reduced, which plays a role in protecting human health, changing the previous bare situation of the cover head, and making it more beautiful.

Juneng Machinery

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